Friday, August 18, 2017


The German release of the "Frank Zappa - Eat That Question" documentary by Thorsten Schütte includes over 40 minutes of bonus material.
(extra) Interviews with Tommy Mars, Arthur Barrow, Bruce Fowler, Tom Fowler, Ed Mann, Kurt McGettrick, Chad Wackerman and Robert Martin.


Marco Minnemann's latest release "Borrego" features Joe Satriani and Tony Levin as special guests.
Nice album.
Music for on the road.
Or not.


  • frankie & bobby, the rest of our story
    by bob zappa
        (2017, book, uk, amazon)

"Frankie & Bobby, The Rest Of Our Story" is the sequel to Bob's book from two years ago : "Frankie & Bobby, Growing Up Zappa".

In "The Rest Of Our Story", Frank's younger brother talks about his personal life and his interactions with his brother. There's also chapters on Gail and the Zappa Family Trust, on his recent meetings with Moon and with Dweezil, and on the Zappanale festival (where the picture for the book cover was taken).
Enjoyable reading.
Emotional and frustrating at times, this must not have been an easy book to write.

Highly recommended !!


Says Co de Kloet, well-known radio personality and music producer in Amsterdam, “By sharing personal, sometimes extremely personal stories about his relationship with Frank, Bob gives us a clear view of that 'regular-guyness' quality, leaving the importance and impact of his brother intact. By not just focusing on Frank and giving us information about other relations and some of his own experiences, he puts Frank in a new and sincere perspective. I had a great time reading it and I hope it will do well. Over the years I had a friendship with Herbie Cohen, Frank's manager and business partner. He was at my farmhouse a few times and once when he was reading something in a book about Zappa, he smiled and said, 'It is always fun to read what people THINK really happened (in Frank's life) but they haven't got a clue.' Bob Zappa has! And that is what makes this book a must have.”

The book is also one of rejection, reconciliation and closure... As James Cohen: Zappanale Master of Ceremonies explains, “A memoir is more than recollection, it exposes a continuum of related events: Bob Zappa's 'Frankie & Bobby - The Rest of Our Story' is wisdom gained over time. Picking up where his first book left off, it focuses on Bob's adventures in the US and elsewhere - a Swedish university course in Deviant Behavior or a close brush with Soviet espionage. Bob's ultimate purpose of understanding how his alienation from his brother Frank's world developed, or was created, overshadows these episodes. Climaxing with a series of rejections relating to the passing of their mother Rose Marie and finally of Frank himself, Bob celebrates his subsequent reconciliation with Dweezil and Moon and a new life rooted deep in his past…A great read, and for the Zappa faithful, optimistic closure.”


Live Phish Downloads produces CDRs with Phish concert recordings.
Looks neat. Sounds pretty good as well.

June 22, 2012, Phish performed FZ's 'Peaches En Regalia' as the second song of their first set.
This concert is availabel through LivePhishDownloads.

Another fine addition to The Others Of Invention.


If you saw or heard the band in concert at Zappanale and you liked it, this is the album that you need.

"Rotorotor" is the band's third album and latest to date. It presents 10 tracks. 10 adventurous pop songs that float on African rhythms and repetitive percussion.
Produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey !)

Here's a sample.


  • frankie & bobby, growing up zappa
    by bob zappa
        (2015, book, usa, crz publishing)
Actually, I wanted to mention the sequel to "Growing Up Zappa", called "The Rest Of Our Story", but then I decided that "Growing Up Zappa" could use some extra attention.

Bob Zappa is Frank's three year younger brother.
In "Frankie & Bobby: Growing Up Zappa" he talks about their childhood and about events that were important or even decisive for the both of them.
Just until the 1967 "Absolutely Freee" shows in NYC.

I was a bit afraid that the book would be a bit opportunistic of maybe even voyeuristic, but that's not the case. The book is fun to read and very informative at the same time.

Highly recommended !

Amazon adds:
Written by Frank Zappa’s younger brother, Bobby, this new “coming of age” memoir provides readers with never before told stories about events that helped shape Frank’s political, social, intellectual and creative development. The book begins with the brother’s time in Maryland from the late 1940’s until the summer of 1967 in New York City before Frank and the Mothers went on their first of many European tours. This fascinating account describes how the two brothers lived through, and handled, a series of events ranging from amusing to life threatening. It is a must-read for anybody interested in Frank’s amazing life that only his closest confidant and brother, Bobby, can tell.


Swiss band L'Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp performed at the latest edition of the Zappanale festival on Sunday, July 16, 2017.

Despite the weather conditions, OTPMD showed where the 'orchestre tour puissant' in their name comes from : African rhythms, repetitive marimba lines, chants and trance.
Combined with the fragile voice of the lead singer, it resulted in a laid back feeling that everybody enjoyed. No wonder that it stopped raining.

Perfect for a festival. Especially on a Sunday afternoon.
Too bad that didn't add a Zappa tune to their repertoire. Could have been nice.

For the occasion, the ensemble performed as OTPMD XXL with extra violins and a cello.
I didn't count them, but I guess they had ten or even twelve people on the stage.

Here's a snippet :

The concert got recorded by the Arf Society, was put on DVDR and made available in very limited quantity during the festival.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


I took this picture a couple of months ago.
As you can see, the numberplate on this car says "FES". Indisputable.
And we all know that FES stands for Flat Earth Society.

Is this an attempt by Flat Earth Society to go for some subliminal advertising ?

My sources tell me that there are 1000 similar number plates driving around in Belgium.

Flat Earth Society's teaser for their 2013 "13" album.


A couple of days ago, ManZap (= Stanley Zappa, sax and Andrew Wedman, Rhodes) performed at UFDA, the second edition of the annual untempered festival of dissonant arts, in Naramata BC.

The festival was established by Stanley Zappa and Andrew Wedman in 2016.


Did you know that both George Duke and Robert Martin appeared as guests on David Sanborn's "As We Speak" album?
From 1981.

Data has been added to the United Mutations Archives.

-- info: Jan van Kemenade